Straying away from planning a poor graduation party and making graduation day great!

Planning a perfect graduation is not as easy as it sounds! It takes a lot of dedication, creative thinking and even sleepless nights along with major help from a lot of people. Now, you might be in the alumni or panel of making grad day a huge success, but putting all the students in a room along with their teachers, giving a lazy speech and sending them home is not going to cut it. So, as the happiness and expectations of all the graduation students are riding on the organizers shoulders, here are a few ways to improve grad day.Location – As graduation day is a very formal event for the most part, it is best if you decide on renting a good business hotel for the event as they are professionals when it comes to formal events.

Try to look into a good, expensive hotel for the event that is situated in your locality and not out of town or anywhere drastically far. It says expensive because as graduation day does only happen once in someone’s life time, it should definitely be celebrated the best way provided them with an excellent time. Organizers should make sure the hotel is spacious enough and has facilities such as a dancing hall for after parties, a good and large stage, working technology like microphones and speakers, and even air conditioning depending on where you live.Themes – Setting a theme for your graduation event is going to add more fun to the entire event and it will excite people to lend a helping hand as well. If the attendance is rather small, renting hotel conference rooms or halls is better rather than renting large halls for more money. You can request the hotel meeting rooms to remove conference items and provide other necessary items for your event! There are some spacious conference rooms to be found & It is easy to set a theme in conference rooms or halls as they are not very large, so you can easily decorate the entire place with no problem and less cost. Most of the item when whole hotels are booked, decorating and setting a theme becomes harder.Timings – When you are going ahead with graduation day arrangements make sure that timing is done right.

Check and make sure the food is delivered on time, the entire batch of students all have time to get onstage, if not taken seriously there is a chance a student or two would not be able to get on stage as you may run out of time and people will most probably leave. Going through with all these tips is surely going to make the event as flawless as it could be, know more about lunch buffet in Bangkok, at!