Reasons To Wed In The Yarra Valley This Winter

Most of the couples avoid wedding in winter, because they call it a function-ruining-season. In winter, raining is frequent in Yarra valley. So, it is quite risky to arrange an open yard marriage ceremony in the Yarra valley. But nature takes a new beauteous mold in winter, and, if you don’t have enough budget, then planning a wedding ceremony in winter is the best way. As winter is recognised as an off-peak season, you may get ample of discounts in every arrangement. So, here are some reasons to wed in the Yarra valley this winter.

Pocket friendly- planning wedding in winter at the Yarra valley is really a pocket friendly way. As most of the couple select summer and autumn for destination wedding in this valley, it is quite impossible and expensive to get a venue in your suitable budget at those times. Whereas winter is an off-peak season, so you can easily get your desired wedding venues in the fixed budget. Now, you can save money on venue selection and add that saved money on your honeymoon package.

Let’s offer a warm welcome- most of the people fail to welcome their guests in a cordial manner. But, a wedding must have a warm welcoming ambience. Make a fire place to greet your guests in a different manner. As it is winter you may keep some cosy soft blankets here and there if the ceremony is conducted in open air. Also, availability of bed & breakfast Yarra Valley in winter at comparatively low cost will help you treat your guests with luxury without breaking your bank.

Clasp the weather and feel it- do not try to make your guests feel that it is a summer. Try to be realistic and do not avoid the rainy ambience. But take an advantage of that rain and spread some colourful umbrellas here and there, which will provide a rainy theme to the wedding ceremony.

Try to book a lodge- as it is winter so most of the people do not like to hover outside. And, they like to stay in covered place, so that they can stay warm. If you find, you can notice there are many lodges which offer a whole accommodation of both (i.e. an open air wedding hall and covered community hall). On the other hand, as it is a lodge, so you may book hotel rooms, for your guests.

Make it a count- Yarra valley is famous for wine as there are many wine yards and wine is quite affordable in that region. So, celebrate your wedding with lots of wine.