A Hotel Room Vs. Furnished Accommodation

The people in the hotel industry or clubs promoting the serviced apartment very proactively these days. They are offering all these accommodations at a very nominal rate in comparison to their hotel rooms. So, does that mean there is something fishy? Here with a quick comparison, we have tried to find it out, which is a better option for you, a furnished accommodation or a hotel room. And why the hotel industry is offering serviced accommodation at such an attractive rate.

  • Room size
    Room size of serviced apartment remains just of the same area that is found in a decent sized flat. And in addition to the room, what you also get a living room in a serviced accommodation. On the contrary, the rooms of the hotel remain of standard size in a four or five star hotel. You will not get extra space for living area or food area.
  • Laundry service
    You get the free laundry service in the hotel room and you do not have make call to the housekeeping department to make arrangement of that. The laundry service is paid at most of the serviced apartment. So, if someone has to stay in this accommodation for a long period of time, then this gets a little problematic for them. However, these days the service providers are offering the laundry service to people staying in the hotel. However, the apartments that do not offer laundry service use to provide machine to clean clothes. Thus, you do not have to pay for the laundry service in the long stay apartments in Newcastle.
  • Safety and security
    Safety is one of the most important factors which you should never compromise with, when you are living outside the country. Thus, either you are living in a serviced apartment or a hotel; safety should be kept in priority. So, with serviced apartments as well, you get the same kind of safety that you get in a hotel room. The serviced apartments are considered as more secure than the hotel room, because it is located in the heart of the city and you get neighbors just like you. You can get friendly with them and take care of each other. However, the service providers also offer best in class safety.
  • Food service
    In hotel room, you do not get the option of cooking. All you get is a coffee maker to prepare tea or coffee whenever and wherever you want. But, in serviced apartment you get a fully operational kitchen and use that way you want. This is the reason that these apartments are also called as self contained apartments.