How To Plan An Exotic Destination Wedding?

If you want to get married at an exciting destination, then here are a few tips for planning it out successfully.

Select your destination with care

In all honesty, the destination you choose alone can either make or ruin your dream weddingso have a care when selecting the venue of your big day. Take minor things like the weather into consideration; if you are someone who likes wearing a lot of makeup, you will find that hot weather and makeup is not a very good combination. A season leaning more towards the rainy weather could also mean you cannot have your wedding on the outdoors. Also make sure that accommodations and your necessary services like a photographer or makeup artist is available. And by accommodations, we don’t just mean your lovely stay at Uluwatu villas for yourself, but the accommodations for your guests as well.

Have an exclusive crowd

This might almost feel like it needs to happen without being said, but most people unfortunately don’t realize until too late that it is nearly impossible to have a successful destination wedding with a huge wedding guest list. Not unless you spend an insane amount of money. Villas for rent based might be quite affordable in the off tourist season, but even so, a large crowd will be hard on your budget. Likewise, you also have to see to the food, the wedding favors…you might even have to arrange for flight tickets. All of these will have to be compromised if you stick to a large wedding guest list.

Include their local cultures as part of your wedding or theme

When you have finally selected the venue for your wedding, do consider digging into its local culture and traditions. A destination wedding in Sri Lanka or India, for example, can simply be at a beach front during sunset. But if you consider dipping a little to their culture, you could also use their traditional clothing or music as part of your theme. Trust us, your guests will have a lot of fun dressing up in the colorful traditional sarees. Do make sure to hire a local for the draping thoughor your guests might face unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions…!

Keep your wedding memories alive through your wedding favors

Wedding favors are a wonderful way to remind your guests of your special day. And seeing that you went to all that trouble to make it special, it goes without saying that you want to make sure your special day stays in your guests’ memories as well as yours. One of the easiest ways to make sure that happens, is through your wedding favors or door gifts. Making sure it is a sort of a souvenir of your destination can also be a cute way to incorporate the destination into your wedding.